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The STEAK HOUSE Menu features a wide variety of offerings—from All Time Favorites such as Specialty Salads and Appetizers, Hand-Crafted Burgers and Sandwiches, Fajita Platters and Char-Grilled Chicken and Seafood to Old Fashioned Home-Style Classics such as Beef Pot Roast and Baked Meat Loaf Dinner, and of course, our Signature Steaks.

STEAK HOUSE is known for its high quality, Halal-certified USDA CHOICE and Australian Steaks. Our popular signature steaks are grilled to your liking over open fire to sear in the natural juices. If you like to grill-it-yourself, the STEAK HOUSE Black Rock Grill offers a healthy way to slow cook your own steaks on a 440oC specially-treated volcanic granite stone.

Our menu also makes available dishes with the “Healthy Preparation” designation, which appealed to a growing new market segment consisting of health-conscious diners.

Now, one number connects you to your nearest Steak House Restaurant :

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